‘Thy Kingdom Come’

thy-kingdom-come_finalThe third Thy Kingdom Come season of prayer falls between Ascension Day (Thursday 10 May 2018) and Pentecost (Sunday 20 May 2018). During the novena, communities and churches around Staffordshire – as well as the nation and the world – will be gathering to pray that their friends, families and neighbours come to know God through his Son Jesus Christ. Prayer events of all shapes and sizes will take place across the 11 days, including 24/7 prayer rooms, prayer days, prayer walks and half nights of prayer. Cathedrals, churches and other venues will host Beacon Events, gathering people across towns and cities to worship and to pray for the empowering of the Holy Spirit for effective witness. More information about ‘Thy Kingdom Come,’ including a specially-written song and the story of how Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby came to faith in Christ, can be accessed here.

‘Beating the bounds’

Also during the ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ season of prayer, a series of four prayer meetings will be held at the four corners of the county, based on the ancient practice of ‘beating the bounds‘ i.e. gathering at strategic points to pray protection and blessing on the area for which we are responsible.ThyKingdomComePoster corrected (17 April 2018)