Advent resources

Sunday 2 December 2018 was Advent Sunday, marking a new year on the Church’s calendar. Downloadable resources for Advent, including the Bible Society’s ‘Advent Challenge,’ CAFOD’s interactive calendar, the Church Urban Fund’s ‘Sleepout Challenge‘ and Hope 2018’s glossy give-away magazine, can be accessed HERE

Advent for everyone (Tom Wright, December 2018)Prolific author Tom Wright has produced a new booklet for Advent, ‘Advent for Everyone – a Journey through Luke.’ The publisher is SPCK and the ISBN is 9780281079674. The guide is available from Christian bookshops and online sources.  

Stewardship has developed a collection of blogs and videos exploring four unseen gifts hidden in the nativity story – encouragement, perseverance, readiness and humility. Sign up to receive the daily resources to your phone/computer via THIS LINK

Night shelter in Stoke-on-Trent

The Winter Night Shelter located at Temple Street Methodist Church, Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent, will reopen at 7.00pm on Sunday 2 December. The number of homeless people on the city’s streets is thought to be higher than in previous years. fenton night shelter (Nov 2018)